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identify birds, bird watching, bird guide My name is Mitchell Waite and my team and I have developed a radical search engine to identify birds of North America that differs from anything on the web. Whatbird.com lets you find your bird with just a few clicks. What makes this engine so special is that it uses a parametric step-by-step approach as contrasted with all the other ID engines currently available in the Internet which use an "all at once" approach. In order to find a bird these search engines require you to enter all the ID information and field marks upfront at the same time. This means you are either going to get "zero matches" or a huge number of matches.

Our engine gets around this by presenting a visual interface to whatever field mark you select first. Each step narrows the search results to help locate the bird you saw. Try the bird search engine--it currently has over 900 birds in the database, each having a magnificent hand painted illustration, a bird call (the sounds it makes) that you can listen to and extensive species accounts. Here is an example of the Allen's Hummingbird.

The technology behind Whatbird.com is called Percevia which is a method and system for portable and desktop computing devices to allow searching, identification and display of items in a collection. The whatbird web site example is for creating a bird guide to identify birds and for bird watching is just one of Percevia's extremely useful capabilities. The Percevia® search engine offers a new level of sophistication for searching any kind of interactive media. There are ma y other features of this site you may want to explore, such as the Make-a-Guide that lets you build your own field guide and print it out on your computer. There is also a bird "expert" that helps you find bird using simple questions and a "browse" feature that lets you view lists of birds in different areas of North America. In fact you can even add the bird QuickSearch engine to your own web site with just a few lines of JavaScript. This will let your visitors identify any bird as if they are using our search engine.

I hope you find this site fun and useful. If you have any questions just send me an email here.


Mitchell Waite

"Whatbird.com - the best place to find your bird"

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