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Attract birds that don’t visit seed feeders with the Fruit and Jelly feeder. Cut or halve apples, oranges, peaches, nectarines, grapefruit, and melons and place them on the copper spirals. Use caution when twisting on the fruit because the ends of the spirals are sharp. For that reason, children should not re-fill this feeder.

This feeder also should be placed in the shade or away from direct sunlight. The sun dries the fruit and the birds won’t eat it. Also, the chance of the fruit rotting or molding goes up as it remains on the feeder, so change the fruit regularly. The dish maybe used for live mealworms to attract Bluebirds. The metal parts of the feeder require regular cleaning to get rid of the juice and fruit remnants that attract bugs and ants.

Construction and Durability:

The strands of copper shaped into the two fruit-spear spirals are virtually unbendable. Several strands of copper intertwine to comprise the center, a single unit with a hook for hanging in trees. The durable Pyrex bowl is made of thick glass, but can still shatter in a hard impact. The dish should only be used during mild weather, and brought in each night.

The copper components of this feeder will not rust, and will stand up to heavy rain and long winters. The copper color has faded on my unit, but the feeder still holds fruit and attracts birds with no problem. My feeder has blown out of the tree several times, but the fruit has remained attached. I have even had to search my yard a couple of times to locate this feeder, and on both occasions found it against the fence where a raccoon had tried to abscond with it.


The Fruit and Jelly feeder requires frequent cleaning. Fruit rots quickly in warm areas and the juices and pulp can cling to the feeders. Wash the feeder in a 1:10 bleach-to-water mixture. Use a cloth or brush to get all of the food remnants off of spirals. The Pyrex dish can be washed in the dishwasher after every use.

Setting Up:

The Fruit and Jelly feeder comes in one piece, complete with a hook for hanging. A glass Pyrex dish is easily slipped into place to serve jelly or mealworms. The dish is optional and not required for feeder use.

Buy this Feeder

Manufacturer: Duncraft

Type: Fruit

Value: Good
Durability: Excellent
Ease of Use: Excellent
Ease of Filling: Good

Birds Attracted: Orioles, mockingbirds, bluebirds, purple finches, scarlet tanager, and wrens.

Summary: Offer birds a rare fruit treat from this Fruit and Jelly feeder, which attracts birds you wouldn’t normally bring to your yard with a seed feeder. Thick copper spirals hold apples, oranges, peaches, or other fruit chunks securely. Jelly or mealworms can be placed in the Pyrex dish.

Capacity: Two pounds of fruit and/or jelly.

Size: 7” wide by 9” tall.

Holds fruit securely.
Copper will not rust.

Sharp edges of fruit spirals.
Needs cleaning often.
Needs a shady location.
Attracts “critters”.
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