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The Vista Dome Feeder is a favorite of the small birds. The dome has enough curvature and the ability to be raised and lowered to keep squirrels and large birds such as blue jays and black birds out. If you don’t mind them visiting, the dome can be raised to its full height and they are allowed in. When the dome is lowered, only finches, sparrows, chickadees and small birds can dine. The bottom tray has slanted sides which allow you to use suet or mealworms. The seed dish can be screwed on and off for easy re-filling. It holds up to a quart of seed, which will stay relatively dry in a rain or snowstorm due to the domed lid. Its weight of less than a pound makes it easy to hang from an arm with suction cups on a window for up-close viewing.

Construction and Durability:

The Vista Dome Feeder is made of clear acrylic and metal pieces. The construction has proven very durable and well built. The kids love this little feeder, and refilling is easy for them to do, however, little hands drop it often. My feeder has been through winters in Michigan, suction-cupped to a window that faces the westerly winds. After many a night banging against the window and kids dropping it, there is no wear or cracks to be found. The summer sun has not managed to do any damage either.


This feeder can be taken apart and cleaned easily in a water and bleach solution. Take care in drying the metal rod and screws that adjust the lid to prevent rusting.

Setting Up:

The Vista Dome Feeder can be hung from any branch, hook or armed window suction cup with an S-hook. The lid is raised and lowered with a screw into a plastic stopper which holds the dome in place along the metal rod, which runs through the center to where the base screws in. Attaching the base requires turning it counter-clockwise over the screw and thread system on a metal rod.

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Manufacturer: Aspects

Type: Domed Hopper

Value: Good
Durability: Excellent
Ease of Use: Excellent
Ease of Filling: Excellent

Birds Attracted: Small songbirds when dome is lowered, medium to large birds when open.

Summary: Medium sized, easy to adjust Vista Dome Feeder can allow only small birds in or expand to make room for medium sized songbirds; easily removable bottom for cleaning and refilling; dome shaped top keeps squirrels and large birds out.

Capacity: 1 lb of seed.

Size: 14” tall when fully expanded by 12” wide.

Easy to clean.
Dome lid keeps squirrels and large birds out.
Light weight makes it able to hang on suction cups on windows.
Screw on bottom makes for easy refilling.
Can hold mealworms and suet.

Lots of bird activity can loosen the bottom so it falls off.
Dome lid keeps large birds out, but they can land on top and knock seed out.
Small base needs refilling often.
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