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  • Publisher

    • Mitch Waite
      M Waite

      Computer book author, publisher, web designer, entrepreneur--is best known for writing numerous books on programming and computer technology, as well as innovative titles published by Waite Group Press in the areas of multimedia, fractals, biofeedback, nanotechnology, and virtual reality. Mr. Waite sold his publishing company to Simon and Schuster in 1996. For the last 6 years he has been focused on "naturetech" the merging of the digital world, books and birding — whatbird.com is an example of that. Most recently he has developed a collection of mobile applications called "iBird" that have had a tremendous success on the Apple iPhone and iPad. You can learn about iBird at ibird.com. His web site, mitchwaite.com, provides a glimpse into some of his accomplishments.

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  • Mitch Waite Group staff

    • J Wright

      Jane Wright is a writer and naturalist living with her husband and family on a beautiful farm along the Pilchuck river. She is not a classic birder but a genuine bird lover. She knows how to scratch the underside of a Brant goose's chin when you hand feed it, how warm a Spectacled Eider's belly is and how hard a trumpeter swan can bite your nose. She learned much of this when she worked at Northwest Wildfowl. The job was routine caretaking of a flock of over 600 ducks, geese and swans, but for Jane it was a labor of love. She continued her work with birds at the Washington Zoological Park and as a volunteer at Woodland Park Zoo. She wears the scars from a seagull that she rescued as a badge of honor and likes nothing better than waking up to the sounds of birds on the farm.

    • C Adams

      Crystal Adams graduated from William Woods University with a double major in Equestrian Science and Studio Art. She teaches and trains hunt seat and dressage in Connecticut and is currently working on her USDF Bronze Medal. Her interests in birds began as a child, when she had parakeets in Africa and canaries in England. Sadly, her 7-year old canary just passed away, and she is hoping her husband will find another for their anniversary. In the last year she has become a mother and loves it. In her rare spare time, she enjoys SCUBA diving, surfing, cooking and scrap booking.

    • M Sixta

      Michelle is an artist/photographer who enjoys transforming her photographs of nature into evocative digital abstracts. Her goal is to inspire others and communicate the important roll that art and nature play for all of us. Her avid bird watching days are in a holding pattern as she tends to being a mother to her 8-year old daughter and works to establish herself as a compelling voice in the art world. Meanwhile, she maintains her knowledge of all things avian by assisting the Mitch Waite Group in maintaining its photo and illustration libraries. See Michelle’s digital photo abstract collection at www.michellesixta.com

    • F Brooks

      Fraser Brooks was raised in Texas. As a child his interest in bird watching and identification was encouraged. He attended Trinity University in San Antonio on a football scholarship. After graduation he began an international career as a geologist/geophysicist. As he lived, worked and traveled in over 70 counties, he developed a passion for photographing birds. Today he is retired with his home base in Arizona. He continues to travel, seeking out birding locations. He enjoys sharing his knowledge about birding and photography with groups and individuals. www.photosbyfraser.com

    • S Huter

    • H Secker

    • R Stephens

      Chief programmer of the WhatBird database and search engine since 2002, Rick Stephens is based in Pensacola, Florida, where he consults for business in the areas of web system design. Rick has designed and programmed numerous features of WhatBird, including the architecture of the browse and wizard features and the powerful Web 2.0 SQL Content Managment System. He is an expert in C#, php, ASP, and Microsoft's .NET platform.

  • Authors and Ornithologists

    • G Dick

      Born in Covington, Louisiana in 1956, Dr. Dick received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Southeastern Louisiana University and Ph.D. from the University of Mississippi. He currently works as an aquatic restorationist and naturalist at the Institute of Applied Sciences, University of North Texas.

    • D Lukas

      David Lukas has been an avid birder for over 25 years, during which time he has worked on field research projects in Borneo, Peru, Central America, and every western state. As a professional naturalist he has led hundreds of birding tours, classes, and programs, many of these in the last 3 years with his partner Simone Whitecloud. David is also the author of Wild Birds of California, Watchable Birds of the Great Basin, and the newly revised Sierra Nevada Natural History, as well as many magazine articles. His weekly column Field Guide appears in the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

  • Programmers

    • R Stephens

      Chief programmer of the WhatBird database and search engine since 2002, Rick Stephens is based in Pensacola, Florida, where he consults for business in the areas of web system design. Rick has designed and programmed numerous features of WhatBird, including the architecture of the browse and wizard features and the powerful Web 2.0 SQL Content Managment System. He is an expert in C#, php, ASP, and Microsoft's .NET platform.

    • J Tavakoli

    • P Furlan

    • R Levy

      Robert Levy, original architect of the WhatBird search engine platform, is the lead developer of Microsoft's Surface Technology where any thing flat, such as a table, are LCD video screens with intelligence that interact with you and any objects you place on them. Before that he was a Program Manager in Microsoft's Mobile Devices Product Group, where he worked on Pocket PC and Smartphone SDKs for 3rd-party developers. Robert programmed the original Pocket PC application that got WhatBird rolling, as well as the first version of the WhatBird web client. He majored in Software Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology.

    • D Johansson

      Dan Johansson was born in Kalix, Sweden in 1983 and moved to the United States in 1987. He has a Bachelors degree in Animation from the Art Institute of Minnesota, and experience in graphic design and web design. Dan designed and programmed the XSLT for the WhatBird species account pages, the Laptop Buyer's Guide pages and the World Fact's pages, as well as the comparison pages.

    • A Petuschak

      Alexey was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1984 and received his Bachelor's degree in Informational Technologies and a Master's degree in Project Management at the Kiev National University. Alexey is a software application developer in a wide variety of applied and system areas, proficient in C# development for the .NET platform, Win32 development using C++, Delphi, and reverse engineering. He enjoys all kinds of sports including cycle racing, skiing, snowboarding, wind-surfing, yachting, mountain climbing, and parachuting. Alexey developed the Winged Explorer toolbar for WhatBird.

  • Artists & Designers

    • M Oberhofer

      Michael was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1964. After trying a number of creative jobs, like graphic and interior design, in 1992 he discovered that he could make a living as an artist and began painting pictures of wildlife, a subject material he has always loved. He was a bit shocked that he could spend time doing what he loved…painting all day, spending time in zoos with various felines and in forests filled with birds, and get paid for it! Michael held his first one-man show in Palmwoods, Queensland in December 2000 at the strong urging of his inspirational and very supportive wife, Ivana. It was a huge success! Others whom have inspired Michael are Raymon Darris-Ching, and Steve and Terri Irwin. www.michaeloberhofer.com

    • C Vest

      Chris Vest is a graphic designer and artist with a 35-year background in traditional media. In the 1990s he embraced the computer revolution and developed a way to merge painting and photography in the digital medium. In the tradition of Alfred Stieglitz's "Photo-Secessionist" movement, the photographic image is transformed by digital dark room techniques and intense painterly manipulation to create textures and effects that attempt to bridge the unique properties of photography and painting, a process he has dubbed the "painted photo montage." He created the multi-bird vistas in "The Field Guide to Bird Conservation" published by the American Bird Conservancy. These are also the techniques to be seen in his Whatbird.com avian renderings. Chris lives with his partner Cathy and 25 companion animals on a six-acre farm near Dolores, Colorado. Together they operate a self-financed animal shelter, rescuing and fostering animals from across the Four Corners area. rchristophervest.imagekind.com/store

    • Y Lisyak

      Born in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, in 1962. Mr. Lisyak received his B. S. Degree from Dnepropetrovsk National University. He currently works as a freelance artist, graphic designer and illustrator.

    • D Wenzel

      David Wenzel has worked for a number of environmentally-conscious organizations and currently creates freelance graphic designs, illustrations, photography, and fine art. He is a graduate of Kent State University and resides in Valley City, Ohio with his wife, Liz and children Brad and Brooke.

    • S Belous

      Born in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, in 1981 Ms. Belous received her B.S. from Dnepropetrovsk Art College. She currently is continuing her studies at Dnepropetrovsk National University to obtain a M.S. degree.

    • B Callis

      Bill Callis is a California Native American who, through his native roots, learned at an early age to appreciate the wonders of nature. He obtained his education at the University of Illinois, and currently resides in Colorado. Bill is a freelance designer and illustrator specializing in animals and landscapes.

    • R Durney

      Ryan Durney is a professional freelance illustrator who specializes in nature and prehistoric animal art, as well as fantasy and children's books. Ryan obtained his degree from Columbus College of Art & Design in 1999.

    • D Kirkland

      Born in Dallas, Texas, Dwight Kirkland has been an artist for as long as he can remember. He has had a lifelong passion for the arts. He enjoys all types of painting and drawing, and specializes in a unique, dream-like, photo-realistic style of painting using the airbrush and paintbrush. Kirkland studied at the renowned Art Institute of Atlanta, and his extensive travels in the United States has given him unique vision and perspective. His great love for wildlife and nature has been a focus for his talent. He has created projects, including Limited Edition prints, to raise money for endangered animals.

    • I Volga

      Born in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, in 1983 Ms. Rud-Volga received her B.S. from Dnepropetrovsk National University. She currently is continuing her studies to obtain a M.S. degree.

    • Other Designers
    • Santiago Cornejo

    • Juan Manual Costa

    • Kavita Jhunjhunwala

    • Imran Khan

  • Photographers

    • K Agar

      I grew up in the New Forest region of England where I quickly became interested in all natural things. I started bird watching from the age of 5 and in later life found Digital photography was a great way to identify birds. I now live in Leeds West Yorkshire where I've been for the last 40 years. I have been very lucky to travel the world to pursue my passion for bird photography. I retired from Medical engineering and have more time to spend on Photography. www.kevinagar.co.uk

    • N Athanas
    • O Bale
    • H Bashow

      Heather Bashow is a professional photographer and writer, specializing in several genres, including birds in flight. She teaches workshops in both photography and software, and has written several articles for photography magazines. She also specializes in motorcycle race photography and writes monthly articles on track life for a motorcycle magazine. Her images have won several prestigious awards including a $3,600 prize package for first place in the Canadian Association for Photographic Art 2012 Annual a Digital Competition. deerhaven-photography.com

    • J Batt

      James Batt, now residing in Texas, credits his British upbringing for his love of nature. His career in the hotel industry has provided him with the opportunity to photograph birds in many corners of the world, but he is currently concentrating on one square mile of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. His book "Birds of Mayakoba" is available at the resort of the same name on the Riviera Maya. www.flickr.com/photos/jamesbatt

    • K Bauer

      Keith Bauer currently resides in New Mexico. Photography has been an important part of his life since high school. His photo background includes portrait and wedding photography as well as nature photography. As an avid wildlife and nature photographer, Keith is always looking for new locations to visit to add to his extensive portfolio of images. He is an active judge at photo competitions in New Mexico as well as an instructor teaching workshops on avian photography at the world renowned Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge. He has won many awards with his images, including first place in the Avian category of the Nature Photographers Network end-of-year competition for an image he captured at Bosque. Keith's background in computer science provided a perfect match between computing and the world of digital photography as it matured. Keith is a member of the North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA) and the National Association of Photoshop Professional (NAPP). You can view Keith's work at keithbauer.smugmug.com

    • J Bockius

      Julianne Bockius is a retired computer programmer. She lives in Delray Beach, FL, and has been concentrating on photography for the past four years. Her photographic interests are varied and include: digital art, children, portraiture, landscapes, flowers and wildlife, as well as birds. Her photographs have been displayed at the Palm Beach Photographic Museum and at the Cornell Museum of Fine Arts, where she was awarded the blue ribbon for photography. Samples of her photography are for sale at juliannebockius.photodeck.com/

    • M Blom
    • M Bowen

      Mike is a mechanical engineer by profession... but his passion is outdoor and wildlife photography. He's looking forward a few years to when retirement will afford more photography opportunities. He lives in Chelsea, Michigan. He loves the great outdoors with camera around his neck... snapping shots of just about anything that moves. He loves the challenge of photographing birds in flight. www.flickr.com/photos/15710685@N07/

    • T Boyer
    • D Brown

      Douglas Brown was born and raised in Los Angeles and has been photographing avian subjects since 2005, when he bought a DSLR and a 400mm lens and took them to Bosque del Apache NWR in New Mexico. He took roughly 1,000 photos on that cold winter day in 2005...and about 997 of them ended up in the trash can! Doug has come a long way since then and is currently a moderator on Arthur Morris’s BirdPhotographers.net web site in the Avian: Image Critique forum. Two of his photos reached the semifinals of the 2008 Shell International Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. You can view quite a few of Doug's photos on the WhatBird.com website, and also on the iPhone/ iPod Touch application iBird Explorer Plus. His work has been published in Western Birds Magazine, his bird photographs are utilized extensively in A Field Guide to the Plants and Animals of the Middle Rio Grande Bosque and he is a member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). You can see more of Doug's work at his web site www.DougBrownPhotography.com

    • C Brandt

    • B Bryant

      Bill Bryant has been a nature lover since childhood growing up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. He has been photographing birds and other wildlife since college. Bill claims he never misses an opportunity to see something new, and he has traveled to more than 40 countries. Bill makes his living as a healthcare consultant and lobbyist, and he currently calls the Rocky Mountains near Boulder, Colorado home. You can view more of Bill’s photo’s at www.flickr.com/photos/bryant99/

    • B Burger
    • R Carlson

      Now retired, Rick Carlson served for over 20 years in executive positions with Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Resources and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. He earned a BS in Forest Sciences from Penn State and a MS in Environmental Engineering from Drexel University. He is currently the owner of Sand River Frame and Photo dealing with outdoor photography and custom picture framing. Sand River's specialty is African bird and wildlife photography framed in beautiful African hardwoods. He currently resides in Harrisburg, Pa. www.sandriverframephoto.com

    • F Carver
    • J Chagares

      Jim Chagares is a professional photographer and owner of Chagares Photography in Richmond, Indiana. He has been awarded the Master of Photography, Master of Electronic Imaging, Photographic Craftsman and Certification degrees from Professional Photographers of America. He is also a nationally approved photographic exhibition judge with Professional Photographers of America. He cherishes his time in nature telling the story of animal behavior that most people rarely get to see. His experience in nature is valued more than the results of the day. Learn more about Jim at www.chagaresphotography.com

    • D Cheasebro
    • D Christian

      Don Christian has long had a great interest in nature. Active in the Boy Scouts in his youth, he reached the rank of Eagle Scout by the age of 15. Beyond his time in scouting, Don has enjoyed many outdoor activities including golf, cycling and scuba diving. Don is a NAUI Scuba Instructor and worked on the dive boat in Jacksonville, Florida for 3 years. In addition to his interest in nature, Don has always had a keen interest in photography, including 8 years at the Charles Beseler Company, a leading manufacturer of photographic enlargers. Southern Shots combines both of Don's passions, where he captures dramatic and rarely seen wildlife scenes – from the underwater sea-life off the Florida Coast and throughout the Caribbean, to the herons, spoonbills and wildlife vistas of central Florida. Don uses Canon cameras and lens. Cameras included 1D mark IV and the 7D, Lens include Canon 600 MM and Canon 100-440 mm and Canon 24-105mm. Please visit www.southernshots21.com

    • D Cohen

      Don Cohen has had a keen interest in nature and wildlife photography, with a particular love of birds, for many years, and has been traveling worldwide in search of beautiful subjects. He ran a solo practice in Ophthalmology for 20 years, and after taking a partner in 2004, dropped back to part-time practice in order to pursue his love of photography. He has led workshops to exotic locations including Costa Rica, the Pantanal in Brazil, the Amazon River, and Tanzania. His images, along with information about his workshop trips, can be found at www.dlcphoto.com

    • R DeBay

      Rob DeBay became passionate about wildlife at an early age as he faithfully tagged along on his father's hunting and fishing adventures. This early exposure to the wonders of nature led to Rob's keen interest in capturing its beauty and detail with his DSLR. Rob resides in the picturesque Canadian province of Nova Scotia where he earned a BSc in Biology from Saint Mary's University. His work is award-winning and has been featured in Delta Waterfowl magazine. Rob continues to hone his skills, and focuses mostly on avian subjects. As an avid outdoorsman, Rob is always ready to capture a stunning moment.

    • M Denega
    • P Dunn

      Peter was born in Goole in the East Riding of Yorkshire and is a retired police sergeant with North Yorkshire Police, where he was wildlife liaison officer for the last 12 years of his service. He has been a keen birder for over 46 years and organised the setting up and running of the Filey Brigg Bird Observatory on the Yorkshire Coast, where he lives close by and looks after the bird ringing. He is a full trainer for the bird-ringing scheme in the UK. Peter has birded throughout most of England, Scotland and Wales, whilst overseas trips have included Spain, France, Poland, Hungary, Malta, Norway, the Balearic Islands, Morocco, Israel, South, Central and North America and the Caribbean and has led trips there since 2000. Peter's main interest is in the identification of Western Palaearctic species (and races) and he gives talks to local bird and natural history groups using his collection of wildlife photographs - another passion of his. Peter joined the staff of Naturetrek in 2011, responsible for the formatting of the tour reports and keeping tour checklists in order, as well as leading trips to his favourite places.Peter Dunn Photography

    • G Eckrich

      Gil Eckrich was born in Germany and came to America in 1964. Upon graduation from college in 1970, he entered the U.S. Army as an officer in the Infantry. 20 years later, and after assignments around the globe, he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in Central Texas. Gil went on to teach state and federal government courses for Central Texas College until retiring from that position in August 2009.

      Gil has been a biologist in Fort Hood's Natural Resources Management Branch since 1991. As outreach coordinator his duties include making presentations at a wide range of forums on the natural resources found at Fort Hood, especially two endangered avian species, the Golden-cheeked Warbler and the Black-capped Vireo. He has become an enthusiastic nature photographer, concentrating on birds, in support of outreach. Gil also guides tours of Fort Hood's natural resources throughout the year. Many of Gil's photos can be seen on his personal website, geckrich.com

    • M Fager

      I live in the southern part of Finland, Northern Europe. Since retirement from electronics trading a few years ago, I took up my old interest in birds. I started to photograph birds in my garden, on and around my island off the south coast of Finland and everywhere else I go. I never leave my house without my binoculars and camera. The resulting images can be found on my web site, unfortunately in Finnish and Swedish language, but it is fairly easy to navigate to the birds. micha.kuvat.fi

    • G Flanagan

      Gary Flanagan was born on Long Island, New York. He received his Bachelors in from California State University Fullerton and Masters in Media Arts from the University of Arizona in Tucson. He is currently employed as a Doctoral Enrollment Counselor at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. He has been a nature/bird photographer for over 6 years, photographing birds across the United States. He hopes to travel outside the U.S. in the future to pursue his passion for bird photography. His website is fineartamerica.com/profiles/gary-flanagan.html

    • J Foss
    • A Fournier

      Ann Fournier lives in southern Tennessee. She enjoys traveling the countryside, looking to capture anything and everything to share with others. She has found many of God's wonderful creations right in her own 'backyard.' Ann creates high-quality, handmade photo greeting cards, photographs (framed or unframed), photo books, as well as 360-degree virtual tours. You can see her photography and postcards at scenicphotos4u.smugmug.com/

    • R Fray
    • C Gangas

      Charles Gangas is a retired airline pilot who became interested in photography while flying with the U.S. Marine Corps, where his military travels through Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia piqued an already-keen interest in nature photography. Chuck's career as a professional aviator helped hone a serious interest in avian photography; for the past ten years he has pursued this passion extensively in Central and South America as well as in and around his home in New England. He currently resides in Vermont. www.charlesgangas.com

    • M & C Gilfedder

      Mat and Cathy Gilfedder are keen birdwatchers and photographers in Queensland, Australia. They both work as senior research scientists with Australia's national science agency (CSIRO). In Mat's spare time he chairs the national steering committee for eBird in Australia (http://ebird.org/content/australia/). They both enjoy birding with their young family. pbase.com/gilfedder

    • A Gliozzo

      Born just outside New York City Anthony "Tony G" Gliozzo (the nickname is insistent by his peers, not himself) graduated from Pace University with a BBA in 1983, the same year that photography was bestowed upon him by the acquisition of a Canon AE-1. He had never had the slightest fascination in or inclination to get involved in birding. The devout interest occurred after acquiring a 400mm telephoto f/5.6 Canon L series lens. In exploiting its capabilities, it became very apparent that he was missing out on one of the more beautiful and dynamic creatures that life has to offer, Birds. The majority of his free time outside of family and friends is devoted to birding. www.ocbirds.com

    • J Gliozzo

      Joe Gliozzo is a sales trader at Cuttone and Co. on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He loves the outdoors and loves playing golf. He took up the game at age 6 and hasn't ever looked back, playing an average of over 100 rounds a year. When not golfing, he turns to his other passion, photography, an interest developed in high school. He routinely traveled from his home in Staten Island, NY to rock-and-roll concerts in and around Manhattan. He has taken his photography to a more serious level and is not only traveling to some beautiful parts of the world, but also locally photographing all the wildlife available to him. www.flickr.com/photos/joe_golf

    • M Haga

      After retiring as a Study Co-ordinator in the field of Rheumatoid Arthritis, May took up birding and bird photography. Always interested in birds but with three children and a full-time job, birding was confined to the backyard. Noticing that she wasn't having much luck trying to take bird pictures with a point and shoot film camera, in 2006 her husband bought her a digital camera. It's been all uphill since then! Her photographs have been in newspapers, magazines and books, including the upcoming comprehensive book on Saskatchewan birds. She volunteers with the Saskatoon Nature Society working with the Field Trip Committee planning and leading trips. She presents her work to many organizations and is currently working on two instructional clinics for members of the nature society, Birding for Beginners and Sparrow Identification. pbase.com/mayhaga

    • C Hart

      A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Curt has enjoyed 35+ years as a radio sports broadcaster. He developed an interest in bird photography and has pursued it for 25+ years in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, the Mississippi Gulf and other regions. Working closely with the Audubon Society of Mississippi, he has documented rare hummingbird species in that region. His captures of rare sparrow species in Kentucky have been published in Kentucky Warbler magazine. A self-taught photographer, Hart has developed seminars instructing other bird photographers on proper usage of equipment and overall technique. www.flickr.com/photos/allhart

    • S Heidorn

      Scott and his wife Rita live in Fairbanks, Alaska where they have lived for the past 30 years. After his recent retirement and a long hiatus from outdoor photography, Scott picked up a camera again, a DLSR this time instead of his trusty K-1000. His passion for the outdoors started at an early age with the Boy Scouts and many years of roughing it on family camping and fishing trips. His outdoor skills were honed after moving to Alaska, but the priority has shifted to photography instead of keeping the freezer full of Alaska's bountiful harvest. Scott finds the challenge of capturing birds in flight most rewarding. Scott and Rita have plans to follow bird migrations each fall and spring. photoshootadvisor.smugmug.com

    • J St. Hilaire
    • L Hitchens
    • B Hix

      Bryan Hix bought his first 35mm camera and zoom lens at age 11 and began his obsession with taking photos of backyard birds and other animals. Bryan graduated with a BS in Biology from Central Michigan and spent most of his life in the Midwest. Currently, he and his family reside in the San Francisco Bay area where he works at a large Healthcare company. Besides having numerous locations to explore in the Bay Area for birds, Bryan has traveled to Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Alaska and throughout the U.S. in search of photographic opportunities. www.bdhixphotography.com

    • G Housely

      George began his biology career as a youth in western Pennsylvania by catching and releasing crayfish, ribbon snakes and salamanders behind his house. This interest led to biochemistry and later his career as a Rheumatologist, now practicing in Tupelo, Mississippi. He only began photographing nature and birds in earnest about ten years ago. He has a particular affinity for flying birds. His work is available at www.housleyphoto.com

    • K Hupila
    • X Idigora

      Xavier Idigora works as a urologist and lives in the tourist village of Palamos (Girona, Catalonia). He has been interested in birds since 1978. He is an amateur ornithologist and has been taking photos of nature for many years. picasaweb.google.com/idigoraecharte

    • S Ingraham
    • B James

      Brad is a Technical Support Analyst with the Federal Government and lives in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. He has been a wildlife photographer for five years and admits it has brought back the child in him. As a young boy, he was always interested in learning about animals. When he picked up his first digital camera and began photographing wildlife, he was hooked. With this new-found passion, he set a goal as a wildlife photographer to capture the beauty of animals, especially birds, and in so doing, show people that not only does Newfoundland have a magnificent rugged landscape but it is 'home' to an amazing array of different wildlife. www.bradjameswildlifephotography.com.

    • J Jeffrey

      As a 40-year resident of the Big Island of Hawaii, photographer and wildlife biologist Jack Jeffrey is intimately familiar with Hawaii's remote rainforests, hidden valleys and endangered birds. Now retired from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, he is enjoying more time traveling and photographing birds around the world. Jack is a recipient of the prestigious Ansel Adams Award for Nature Photography and is co-author of several books on Hawaii's birds. His bird and natural history photographs continue to be featured in numerous publications. His work can be seen at www.jackjeffreyphoto.com

    • J Kubler
    • G Kurtz

      Gary is fascinated by the tiny details found in nature. This is reflected in his work as an acrylic artist and photographer. Both serve as portals to a universe easily overlooked by the naked eye. His love of travel has provided him with an abundance of opportunities to explore the natural world. You can see Gary's photos in the Atlas of Breeding Birds of Alberta and various other media. To view some of his photos go to www.flickr.com/photos/gary_kurtz/sets/

    • D Kutilek
    • L Langell

      Lisa Langell is known for her signature wildlife images that artfully capture breathtaking, split-second moments. An avid birdwatcher at the impressionable age of eight, Lisa found that her love of birds expanded into a genuine passion for the photography of all wildlife and the natural world. From Scottsdale, Arizona, she loves teaching workshops locally and in numerous states, with an emphasis on Arizona and Alaska. www.langellphotography.com

    • P LaTourrette

      Peter is a retired engineer whose love of the outdoors began in early childhood, segued into fly fishing and duck hunting in his teens, into birding as a young father, and finally into photographing wild birds. His bird photographs have appeared widely in various media. He currently serves as photo editor for Western Birds and as organizer for Bay Area Bird Photographers in Palo Alto. birdphotography.com/

    • D Leask
    • D Lorenz
    • E Lorenzo

      A software developer and architect by training and trade, Edu likes to spend his weekends "unplugged" from his usual tech-filled week. He has found that the best way to do this is to commune with Mother Nature. He has spent a good part of his time photographing birds in the Philippines and now also spends a lot of time sport fishing. He posts most of his avian photos on www.flickr.com/photos/edulorenzo/sets/.

    • C Marple

      Cindy lives in Arizona and works in the semiconductor industry. She has been interested in nature photography since childhood and enjoys landscape, wildlife and avian subjects. Her travels in pursuit of these subjects have taken her to some remote corners of the world. Cindy is a moderator in the Wildlife forum and Executive Editor at Naturescapes.net. You may view more of her photos at naturescapes.net/

    • A McCain

      Angela McCain became interested in photography in 2010 and quickly turned her attention to avian subjects. She finds photography a way to connect with nature and a contrast to her daily routine as a rheumatologist. She enjoys the quiet and solitude of seeking and imaging birds with a focus documenting them in a visually pleasing and artistic manner. Her home territory is the Upper Texas Coast, which has a large number of resident and migratory birds. Angela's images may be viewed or purchased at angelamccain.com.

    • D McManus
    • M McPherson
    • A Meadows

    • A Merizalde
    • C Montano, Jr
    • J Moore

      Jeff Moore has been a bird enthusiast since age 9. It was only natural when he became interested in photography that the two interests would meld together. He was raised and currently lives in Indiana but spent about 5 years living in Florida. Jeff loves the challenge of bird photography and developing new skills and techniques to photograph them. He maintains a website displaying over 500 species of birds at www.moorenaturephotography.com

    • C Otto
    • R Palmer

      A photographer and a naturalist, Rob has been involved with photography and animals since he was very young. He has always had a passion for birds of prey, and has pursued that passion throughout his adult life. In college, he spent numerous hours studying the nesting territories of prairie falcons in Northeastern Colorado, and additional time researching screech owls nesting along the Boulder Creek trail in the center of Boulder, Colorado. Since the early nineties, Rob has spent most of his free time studying raptors and refining his photography techniques. He has been a full-time wildlife photographer and workshop leader for the past 6 years. www.falconphotos.com

    • E Peiker

      E.J. Peiker was born in Germany and resides in Arizona. He is a Professional Nature Photographer and Manager for Intel Corporation. He began photographing the great outdoors at age 9 and today is recognized worldwide for his landscape, mammal, and bird photographs. He is widely known for his huge library of waterfowl photographs. He is published regularly in books, magazines, and online. E.J. is cofounder of the online Nature photography magazine NatureScapes.net where his is the senior technical editor. His personal website www.ejphoto.com, showcases thousands of his photographs.

    • Max Pettini

    • M Plank

      I live in Northern California. I am a self-taught nature photographer whose true passion is birds. While keeping my eye on the viewfinder and finger on the shutter button, I patiently wait to capture those moments that define and portray a bird's life. That is what I strive for in my images.

    • G Romano
    • M Rose
    • W & M Rowley
    • N Saunders

      Growing up in the South-east of England, Nick has always had a fascination for all things nature-related and spent many hours walking through the woods and exploring the beautiful countryside in awe of the local wildlife.

      In 2002 Nick emigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada where the wide-open prairies really opened up his eyes to a whole new life of birding and photography. Unfamiliar with the species, he poured over guides and joined the local nature society so that he would learn every bird in the Province, including their habits, calls and even flight characteristics. Taking part in bird counts in Spring, Fall and over the Christmas period also enabled him to learn even more, and taking his camera along eventually helped him to accumulate a large gallery of Canada's species to add to his portfolio.

      Nick's work has been published in magazines, books, calendars, newspapers and more recently, an upcoming 2-volume tome of Saskatchewan Birds. He also contributes to a regular column in a local newspaper entitled 'Nature Notes.' He also leads birding trips around the city and local regions, assisting and teaching amateur birders. www.nicksaundersnature.com/

    • K Schmidt

      Now retired and enjoying the good life plus have time to bird daily. Enjoy imaging small birds so travel for the warblers. www.pbase.com/sailorboy

    • J Schwarz

      Now retired, John Schwarz, M.D. practiced ophthalmology for many years on Boston's north shore. Originally from the NY area, he now divides his time between the Connecticut shore and the east coast of south Florida. A lifetime devotee to nature and the great outdoors, John is an accomplished scuba diver and has traveled to numerous tropical islands. He has explored many of the U.S. National Parks and has rafted the Colorado and Snake Rivers and the Middle Fork of the Salmon. The technical advances of the digital age finally attracted him to the world of bird photography which he now pursues with a passion. Although his photo collection also includes the Galapagos, Ecuador, and Costa Rica, John's primary focus is to capture photographically as many species as possible in North America. His North American species photo list is currently over 500 and growing. His favorite, most productive locations have been SE Arizona including Madera Canyon, Big Bend National Park in west Texas, and Alaska, including the Pribilof Islands. John is always happy to help find local species for visiting birders – in Florida from November through May, and in Connecticut the remaining part of the year. You can view his prolific work on his website www.birdspix.com

    • L Selman

      Larry Selman has been making photos since he set up a dark room in the basement as a teenager. "Photographing birds is my passion. I try to capture them in their natural surroundings, as they go about their business of everyday living. This means I must study their habitat, migration patterns, and habits, and patiently wait while they go about foraging, storing food, building nests, or caring for their young. For me, photographing birds is especially challenging, because they spend so little time in one place. They are literally moving targets." Larry Selman resides in Santa Cruz, CA and Bisbee, AZ. You can view more of his work at MostlyBirds.com

    • C Sheely

      Carl is a cardiac surgeon whose passion outside the operating room is birding and avian photography. He began birding in about the third grade. The photography came about naturally as a way to enhance his many birding trips, from the Tortugas to Gambell, California to PEI, and the Rio Grande to Churchill. His favorite photography destination...Alaska. There's no place like Nome! You can see Dr. Sheely's beautiful collection of nature photography at www.pbase.com/csheely

    • M Sloan

      Margaret Sloan had the good fortune to be born in Hilo, Hawaii, surrounded by nature in action. Her interest in the earth, its plants and animals expanded as she moved to Washington State, Utah, and Texas. The wealth of birds along the Gulf Coast led to a passion for bird photography and she now travels extensively in search of birds. A retired librarian, she's put her organizational skills to use in her website: www.pbase.com/laumakani where her bird photos are arranged by location--country or region.

    • B Southon
    • L Smith

      Larry is currently a resident of West Virginia where he is a member of the Potomac Valley Audubon Society and working on his West Virginia Master Naturalist Certification. He was raised in Southern California where he found his passion for the outdoors camping in the Sierras and surrounding Desert. His special interest is Birds and photographing them, especially catching them in the acts of living, such as fishing, nest building and the midflight moment just as they depart their perch. You will frequently find him in the early hours, hunkered down in the weeds awaiting his next photo subject.

    • D Spates
    • J Spitznas

      James Spitznas, an award-winning photographer from Purcellville, VA, has been taking pictures most of his life. Starting with a Brownie camera given to him by his grandmother, it was not long before James was borrowing his father’s Minolta SLR, and developing and enlarging photos in his father’s basement darkroom. As an adult, James has photographed wildlife, rural landscapes, dog events, and travels, but he especially enjoys the challenge of getting close to a bird, and obtaining a capture that marries an interesting pose with “golden light” and a pleasing background. You may view more of James’ images at www.goldfeatherphoto.com

    • P Stahl

      Peter Stahl resides near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and has always enjoyed photography as a hobby. For the last 5 years, he has been concentrating on obtaining the best nature photos that he could, especially bird pictures. Several of Peter's photos are featured in a local gallery and others have been included in bird guides. Since work has been getting in the way of his passion for photography, he is retiring to travel more, get out in the field and chase his dreams. Many of his photos can be viewed or purchased at www.pbase.com/decor

    • J Stephens

      I am a native Louisiana bird nut and I enjoy visiting Wildlife Refuges and taking wildlife pictures. While birds are a main focus, I take pictures of anything and everything. I also enjoy painting wildlife when time allows. My pictures are not so much for the identification of a bird but for the artistic aspect of a picture, to see the character of the bird or animal.

    • J Strung
    • C Taylor

      Christopher Taylor has been birding since he was old enough to remember. Often going on trips with his photographer father, Monte Taylor, to many remote places in Alaska and abroad. Although his interest in birding waned during his teenage years, he recently became interested again but from a photography perspective. Having only picked up a camera a little over a year ago, he's already snapped over 400 photo birds in the ABA area. He currently resides in Marina del Rey, CA just outside of Los Angeles. You can view more of Christopher's photos at kiwifoto.com

    • B Towle

    • C Upson

      Chris Upson works as a mechanical engineer and lives in the historic market town of Hadleigh, Suffolk, UK. He has always had an interest in nature and loves being out in the great outdoors. He has been into photography for many years since leaving school in the early eighties, but has taken it up more seriously in recent years. You can view more of Chris's images at chrisupson.zenfolio.com

    • S Valentine

      Steve Valentine has been interested in all forms of wildlife since early childhood, but birds have always been his passion. An active birder for many years, he started digiscoping in the early 2000's, but quickly became frustrated by the lack of quality so moved to using SLR's soon afterwards. While still looking for that "one" shot, he has had many images published in magazines and periodicals and has had his own exhibition of a selection of his photographs in 2007. Steve lives and works in Warwick, England. You can view more of Steve's photos on his website: www.stevevalentine.co.uk

    • M VanWallene

      Matt VanWallene, BS Quantitative Systems, MBA, CPA, was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands and has been a resident of Arizona since 1971. An avid outdoorsman, he has hiked more than 500 miles in Arizona including a rim-to-rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon. A scout leader for 10 years and an Eagle Scout, birding is just a natural extension of his outdoor experience. He has been birding since 2008 and is most proud of his growing list of photographed yard birds. The opportunity to share one's passion with the public through WhatBird is what the information highway was intended to do. Bird is a verb. hollandwest.com/

    • A Vernon

      A retired food scientist living in California, Alan has always enjoyed the outdoors, solitude, and observing wildlife. Photography is a natural extension to these activities as a means to record and memorize those good times. If, through sharing his images, others enjoy them, then this is just "icing on the cake." Birds represent a large proportion of his images because they are challenging subjects and are present almost everywhere. www.flickr.com/photos/alanvernon/sets/

    • J Wendorff

      Jeff Wendorff is an avid outdoor and wildlife photographer whose work has been published widely from calendars and magazines to even cans of cat food in China! Jeff is the Associate Director of the Photographers Alliance Workshops and a popular international tour leader. Jeff has been professionally photographing all manners of wildlife, and birds in particular, for the past 10 years. Jeff lives on the west coast of Florida and has spent probably too many hours in the field honing his skills. Jeff's website is www.jeffwendorff.com

    • L Williams
    • J Woods
    • P Yates
    • S Zamek

      Steve Zamek, a former software engineer, has been birding for several decades, but only recently decided to attempt to capture the beauty of birds on "film." He lives near some productive wetlands along the San Francisco Bay with his lovely wife Jane. You can view Steve's photos at www.FeatherLightPhoto.com

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