Scroll through a highly detailed visual world and hear the birds -- but they are invisible at first. There are binoculars to zoom in and focus, as well as text hints. Unique, entertaining and educational.

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The whole family just spent about nearly and hour on two machines simultaneously playing the game. Congratulations -- this really has the makings of something great! - The DeRoses
That was really fun. I can see how some kids could really get into birding just from this game. It's addicting. It feels like you just want to keep playing.- Cindy
I think it is really cool how you can get it wrong and still keep trying. It would be good to have a few different ways to say 'good' and 'try again'. -  Joseph (age 8)
It was really challenging. - Sam (age 12)
Thanks for a great website, and for helping the rest of us appreciate the beauty of the world around us. It has made my enjoyment of my own life richer. - Lynne
I enjoyed playing your game very much. Can't wait until there are more birds in it. I didn't take any clues or hints and only missed one bird total, but it wasn't too easy. I'm an intermediate birder. Thanks for creating a fun challenge for me. - Carolyn
The graphics are beautiful, and the game is fun and educational. Once I caught on, I enjoyed it and learned the sounds. I like the binoculars too. I think children (and teachers too) will like this. - Julianne
I sponsor an elementary school bird club and really liked the game. - Susan
HI Mitchell, wanted to say that I think it's excellent, just have a few comments to improve it perhaps. Wonderful idea and job - lovely, lovely drawings, etc. I think kids will love it. - Sheryl
My 9 year old and I tried out the game yesterday.  We enjoyed the prototype and wanted more! I like the idea of hearing the bird, observing where the sound is coming from (what habitat we're in), and taking a guess based on sound.  It happens to us all the time IRL!  What was that?  Where is it?  Do you see it?  (usually no). I think it's a very good idea. We were less interested in the scoring, etc. and more interested in whether we were able to guess correctly, then moving on to the next one. - M
We tried the game too, really enjoyed it, and can't wait for more!  What a great idea. Do you plan on this being an online only game, or do you plan on putting it out there for purchase on CD, or what?  I think it could really be a success. Keep up the good work here at - Eric
I think it's great! I'd love to see more. I know that I need to learn the voices and calls of the birds and I am thinking this is a great way to learn. - Dixon
I think it is an outstanding idea. I think it would be helpful to have regional games (e.g. Rocky Mountains) as many teaching tools I have found for birds stress either eastern or southern birds not present in Montana. Thank you for all your time and effort to help people learn about birds! - Samsara
Fun! I really enjoyed it. Thanks! - junco
Would love a CD of the game...Great Idea & FUN! - Linda.
Please notify me of new versions of this game. I REALLY enjoyed playing this game. I need to learn to identify birds by sound & I am having a hard time at it. Your game is interesting with the different backgrounds while I try to learn the bird sounds. - Johanna
I liked the "what bird is this?" game very much; will you include birds that are more common to suburban homes? I would love to become more acquainted with the little creatures in my own backyard, and know that many cities (at least here in Texas) are including greenbelts in their urban planning. I have lived in suburban homes all my 46 years, over 40 of them in Texas, and I just now became acquainted with the pretty little gray-brown-and-coral house finch. I also like your music. Thanks for a great website, and for helping the rest of us appreciate the beauty of the world around us. It has made my enjoyment of my own life richer. - Lynne
Thanks for the game. It is both fun and educational. Works perfectly on my Intel, XP, IE 6.0 SP2, Flash 8.0.24. I'm a rank amateur at birding; -only claim is an American Bittern at the sanitation plant ponds.
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